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JustVoip offers free phone calls to various popular destinations
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JustVoip is a Windows application which allows you to make calls all over the world directly from your PC.
The installation process is simple and consists of several easy steps which can be performed even by amateur PC users.

JustVoip assures a great way to keep in touch with your friends, colleagues and family without using any additional software tools or special PC hardware requirements.

JustVoip lets you test the Internet connection and check several network parameters: network delay, lost packets, quality rating. If the quality rate is lower than the recommended one, users will be redirected to the browser window which shows them how to increase the quality of calls.

To obtain high-quality calls, JustVoip lets you tune the audio settings. With the help of the configuration wizard you can quickly set up your audio devices (speakers/headset and microphone) in order to optimize the quality of your calls.

The friendly graphic user interface and many useful options and settings will surely impress you. You will be able to easily manage your phonebook, customize your personal profile settings and perform both Dialpad or Phone2Phone calls. Also, JustVoip allows users to quickly send SMS messages to their friends, colleagues and family.

Using JustVoip, you will turn your PC into a full featured phone. This phone dialer is recommended for anyone who is searching for a powerful telephony application because it assures a lot of options and at the same time it provides an effective way to make calls all over the world.

Josephine Seaman
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  • It offers 2 types of calls: Dialpad and Phone2Phone
  • It provides Call forwarding and Call waiting


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